Build A Profitable Self-Managing Business You Can Be Proud Of!

The A-Game Business App is the single unified app you need to better manage your business, execute digital marketing, provide delightful customer experiences and boost revenue.

Failed entrepreneur

Starting and running a business is tough.

Startups and small businesses face the uphill battle of survival, where up to 80% fail within the first year and up to 96% fail within 10-years.


Many fail because of:
–   A lack of customers, income and adequate cashflow.
–   Complexity of managing the many aspects of a business.
–  No processes and tools to systematise the business.
You deserve a thriving business and to emerge as a successful entrepreneur. 

Unlock Business Growth with The A-Game Business App

It’ll guide you towards maximising business opportunities, to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and to help you build a profitable self-managing business.


The A-Game Business App helps entrepreneurs solve the quest for:

Business Strategy Mastery

Learn the frameworks and strategies to fast-track business growth.

Digital Marketing Excellence

Establish a brand that customers are excited to do business with.

Sales Strategies for Success

Boost revenue through proven sales and dealmaking like a pro.

Business Processes

Build a profitable self-managing business for entrepreneurial freedom.

Your Simple 3-Steps To Building A Self-Managing Business With The A-Game Business App


Step 1 – Sign up for the Unified A-Game Business App

Unlock a world of strategic planning and efficient business management by signing up for the Unified A-Game Business App – your gateway to streamlined operations and growth.


Step 2 – Get Onboarding Support To Implement Your Unified Solution

Receive personalized onboarding support, ensuring a seamless integration of the app into your business, backed by expert guidance for maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.


Step 3 – Systematize Your Processes and Watch Your Business Scale

Effortlessly scale your business by systematizing operations through the app, experiencing increased productivity, informed decision-making, and a pathway to sustained growth.

Functionality Included in the A-Game Business App

When you subscribe to the A-Game Business App, you get access to the following set of effective business management tools:

Customer Relationship Management

The CRM and Sales Pipeline Management tool enhances customer relationships and sales tracking, contributing to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Finance and Cash Flow Management

Proposal Management, Invoicing, and Payment Processing tools ensure seamless business transactions, improving overall financial efficiency.

Project and Task Management

Efficient Project, Task, and Time Management functionality enables streamlined workflow organization, leading to increased productivity and timely project completion.

Reporting and Analytics Dashboard

The Executive Reporting Dashboard provides insightful analytics, offering a comprehensive overview of key business metrics for informed decision-making.

Comprehensive Technical Support

Access 7-days per week technical support via email, live-chat, telephone, and video call to help you get started and fully utilise you’re A-Game Business App.

Online Course Academy

The Extensive Library of Online Courses supports entrepreneurial education, empowering users with continuous learning opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Certified Coaching Guidance

Access to a Listing of Certified Coaches provides valuable guidance and expertise, supporting users in overcoming challenges and achieving their business goals.

A-Game Entrepreneur Community

Being part of a thriving Community of Entrepreneurs allows users to connect, collaborate, and share experiences, fostering a supportive environment for collective growth.

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The A-Game Business App Explainer Video

At A-Game Business, we’ve been in your shoes. We understand the trials you face because we’ve faced them too. However, we found the solutions and have supported over 2 000 startups and small businesses around the world to solve related problems and to fully exploit entrepreneurial opportunities.


You deserve a thriving business. As your guide, a partner who shares your journey and is committed to your success; our quest is to be the perfect ally in your quest for business growth, prosperity and entrepreneurial freedom.


The A-Game Business Blueprint

The A-Game Business App, combined with The A-Game Business Blueprint framework, you have a proven methodology ensures existing entrepreneurs reset their businesses based on the correct as well as aligned personal values and business strategic footing. At the same time, giving them the insights necessary to develop a realistic exit strategy. Which is a critical part of planning yet often ignored by most.


The Blueprint is a clear, logical methodology that outlines the steps that need to be followed when setting up a business that’ll remain profitable and sustainable long after the founding entrepreneur is no longer involved in the day to day running of the business. It shares the different ways these can be thought about and implemented.


Get 1-on-1 support and training to implement, set up and optimize The A-Game Business App for your business and entrepreneurial success. We are here to help you do just that.

Why You Should Trust The A-Game Business App


We’re a trusted business growth and ESD partner to business incubators and accelerators.


We’ve worked with over 2 000 clients across various industries, business size and geographies.

Hands-On Support

We provide RAPID-implementation, high-impact skills transfer and on-going support.


We guarantee a successful implementation of The A-Game Business App or get 100% of your money back!

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$ 29

R 399 per month - 1-User License

  • CRM and Sales Pipeline

  • Invoicing and Payments

  • Project and Task Management

  • Technical Support

  • How To Videos


$ 59

R 999 per month - 5-User License

  • CRM and Sales Pipeline

  • Invoicing and Payments

  • Project and Task Management

  • Technical Support

  • How To Videos

  • Onboarding Support

$ 99

R 1 799 per month - 10-User License

  • CRM and Sales Pipeline

  • Invoicing and Payments

  • Project and Task Management

  • Technical Support

  • How To Videos

  • Onboarding Support

  • Agiled AI

$ 139

R 3 599 per month - 25-User License

  • CRM and Sales Pipeline

  • Invoicing and Payments

  • Project and Task Management

  • Technical Support

  • How To Videos

  • Onboarding Support

  • Agiled AI

  • Free Growth Consulting