As an entrepreneur, only your A-Game will do. Here’s your playbook.

The A-Game Business Blueprint

The ‘A-Game Business Blueprint’ is a practical, step by step business development methodology, which guides entrepreneurs as they start, run and grow their businesses. 

A-Game Business Blueprint Methodology
The Blueprint is an ecosystem made up of books, a series of workshops, an app, certified coaches and a community of entrepreneurs. It is an approach that provides entrepreneurs with insight into the wider theories of business. It also explores the importance of the relationship between the business and the individual’s personal life, while never straying too far from the practical realities of entrepreneurial business.

The Methodology

A-Game Business Blueprint Book

The A-Game Business Blueprint methodology is contained across books, online courses, webinars and workshops.

The App

A-Game Business App

The app is the enabler every entrepreneur needs to build a self-managing business based on the Blueprint.

Certified Coaches

Certified A-Game Business Coaches specialise in various industries, expertise and can coach you to success.

The Community

No man is an island. Connect, network and partner with like-minded A-Game Business Community Members.

The ‘A-Game Business Blueprint’ has been developed to get entrepreneurs into the market, fast, and on a strong foundation.

The methodology ensures existing entrepreneurs reset their businesses based on the correct as well as aligned personal values and business strategic footing. At the same time, giving them the insights necessary to develop a realistic exit strategy. Which is a critical part of planning yet often ignored by most.


The Blueprint is a clear, logical methodology that outlines the steps that need to be followed when setting up a business that’ll remain profitable and sustainable long after the founding entrepreneur is no longer involved in the day to day running of the business. It shares the different ways these can be thought about, and implemented.

At the highest level, the methodology addresses the marriage of the three primary elements of entrepreneurial business:

1. The stage of the business: where the business happens to be

2. The phase of the entrepreneur’s life: where he\she is as an individual doing business (their thoughts, dreams, reality, passions and illusions)

3. The actions you are taking: the literal things you are doing, right now, in your business and your life, in order to move the business forward.


To do this, it takes entrepreneurs through four clearly differentiated stages as follows:

STAGE 1: Grounding – Entrepreneurial Awareness


Who are you as an individual? What is your purpose, what are your values and passion in life?


Too often these questions are addressed much too late by entrepreneurs. This results in an attempt at commerce that is not properly rooted in the individual’s skills, value set and true personal aspiration. Learning to ask and answer relevant awareness questions at the early stage of business life is vital.

STAGE 2: Aim – The Business Concept Stage: Take Action


Right, so you have a business that’s been running for some time now. However, you are struggling to GROW. Why? Because you don’t really understand your own business yet.


You need to explore it from a variety of perspectives. You need to innovate your business model, test it and have others test it. You need to reinvent your business and develop a competitive strategy focused on High-GROWTH. And you need to execute it and see how the strategy takes shape in the real world.

STAGE 3: Market(ing) – The Advocate Stage: Commit


It’s time to claim a BIGGER share of the market, and it’s not going to be easy. You need to refine your brand philosophy, to develop a new approach to marketing, customer acquisition, and customer success built on the foundation of long-lasting value-based customer relationships.


This is a challenging, intense phase, and you need to be ready emotionally and practically. You also need to understand and implement the links to nurturing customers, wowing them as well as maximizing customer lifetime value.

STAGE 4: Expand – The Amplification Stage: Systematising the business

Your business is semi-established, and so at its most vulnerable. If you don’t systematise the key elements and processes, the business relies heavily on you, keeping you trapped in the business. This leaves the business at risk of getting toppled by the first challenging wind that sweeps by.


This stage has everything to do with your team and the critical business processes that’ll help systematize your business. Your challenge is to develop a systematised way of working that caters to the weaknesses and exploits the strengths of people from all walks of life including your external partners. This is the beginning of your exit strategy.

The A-Game Business Blueprint

How Ordinary People Can Build Extraordinary Businesses

A-Game Business Blueprint Book

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What thought leaders say about the book

Bonang Mohale: Former CEO: Business Leadership South Africa

“I am personally hoping that Ntate KK Diaz’s book will contribute to the much needed dialogue in this country. To really talk about crucial and courageous conversations of how do we, together, give effect to the South Africa of Rolihlahla N. Mandela’s dreams. To bring about nation building in our lifetime that must surely be the result of inclusive economic growth, so that we can genuinely achieve this elusive social cohesion. In all of this worthy aspiration, I am hoping that this dialogue will culminate in us reclaiming business as a national asset.”

Belinda Doveston: Head of Contribution Compass Global

“Well done to KK on an outstanding and much needed contribution to South African entrepreneurs. The A-Game Business Blueprint is a practical guide for growing businesses and business people – especially critical to help light our way in those times of darkness that we all invariably face along the way. The standout for me is the specific focus on developing self-awareness as an entrepreneur – we need to know ourselves so that we can truly give the best ourselves to others. In so doing we grow communities and economies through enterprise.”

Cal Bruns: Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Pioneer Nation

“Our world is crowded with ‘How to Start Up’ methodologies, books and seminars. What sets KK apart is a deep empathy for the human side of the start up. Honest introspection of your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur along all steps of your business building journey is uber critical to those who weren’t raised in a culture of entrepreneurship. KK’s book takes you along the journey but helps you manage yourself as much as your business. A must read for young entrepreneurs who feel like they are all alone in their quest.”

James Scott: Publisher & Editor of Business Brief Magazine

“The journey for any entrepreneur, is a tricky path filled with forks, crossroads and obstacles. With a deep understanding of the testing terrain that face the African entrepreneur, KK has penned a balanced practical guide that should be carried by all who embark on this challenging road. A-Game is a must-have!”

About The Author

KK Diaz - Founder of A-Game Business

KK Diaz founded A-Game Business in 2015. He is a business and brand strategist, digital marketer, speaker and author of 7 full-legth books and numerous ebooks.


He equips business owners, executives and their teams to execute high-growth business and marketing strategies, to innovate, get more customers, create delightful customer experiences and an entrepreneurship culture of positive, passionate businesspeople who can adapt and thrive in times of rapid change and challenge.


Amongst his expertise he’s also the youngest certified facilitator of The Dealmaker Company Programs and acting CEO. There he teaches businesspeople about the principles of advance selling, deal making and negotiation as tools for increasing profitability in their business deals.


KK Diaz is also an investor in companies such as Maity Mailer, XLRTR and Sales Closer.


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