In 2017, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 27 would be World Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Day. A day to celebrate Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and to broaden awareness of the value they add to global economies and societies.

Since then, this has been an important day on the A-Game Business calendar, and this year, we wanted to show our support differently. Instead of just celebrating you – the entrepreneurs of South Africa for one day, we have decided to give away 5 of our books for FREE for 5 days.

We cannot ignore how hard the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have struck SME’s globally. As a result, we are seeing millions of businesses struggling to keep their doors open. This has had a tremendous negative knock-on effect on employment figures in general because SME’s employ a significant percentage of the global and local population.

The United Nations General Assembly has also described SME’s as ‘the first responders to change’. This is because SME’s are generally far more agile and responsive, and they often drive large-scale innovation and industry shifts more than larger corporations do. We have studied and tracked some incredible SME responses to the pandemic. This has afforded us an opportunity to witness unbelievable tenacity and creativity coming from this faction.

In our latest series of webinars, we have aimed to valuably contribute to pivoting, re-strategizing and growing businesses despite global economic downturns. If you missed any of these, do get in touch – we would be happy to share the recordings with you.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” – Rahm Emanuel

Amidst very uncertain and often frightening times, we also see opportunities for monumental positive change.

To be aligned for positive change in any circumstance, there are critical tools and techniques available to help you navigate stormy waters. For the past 12 years, A-Game Business has been researching, implementing, testing and refining tools and techniques that many of our clients have successfully used in their own journey to grow their diverse businesses. And to celebrate SME’s victoriously and persistently walking the entrepreneurial journey, we are giving away some of these critical tools in the form of books we are very proud to have published over the years through actively working with SME’s.

Each one of these books contains a vast amount of knowledge that is based on years of experience, and we firmly believe that the information herein will significantly contribute towards your journey to success, even in troubling times. Dare we say – especially in troubling times.

So, if you are ready to immersive yourself in some insightful reading in a bid to improve yourself and your business, CLICK HERE to download the books for FREE:

The five books are:

  1. The Climb: How I climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro – The life and business lessons learned.

Happy World Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Day on 27 June. And Happy Reading.

KK Diaz is a Business Strategist, Digital Transformation Consultant, Author and SME Investor