A-Game Inbound Marketing Blueprint

How Companies can Attract, Engage and Delight Customers

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A-Game Inbound Marketing Blueprint

How Companies can Attract, Engage and Delight Customers

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This eBook is not intended to provide a comprehensive process for an organisation’s Inbound Marketing Strategy. Rather, it provides insights on how business leaders and executives can begin their journey towards implementing Inbound Marketing to meet the evolving demands of their industry and customers. It provides real-life examples of local and global enterprises that have successfully embraced digital transformation to reinvent themselves and their product and service offerings. The processes suggested herein are not linear. Some parts are to be attended to and implemented simultaneously, while others will require multiple steps.

Many businesspeople, marketers, and salespeople ask themselves the following questions:



– How do we get more clients?

– How do we get our clients to willingly make bigger purchases from us?

– How do we get our clients to buy more frequently from us?


According to a 2017 Bridge Group report, approximately 50% of sales reps do not regularly meet their sales quotas.[i] The primary reason is that the nature of sales has changed, yet people still apply old thinking to new business problems. Too many businesses are still using old and outdated methods to market and sell their products and services. These methods have become outdated due to the overwhelming technological and lifestyle changes that have occurred over time.


These changes have, in turn, changed customer preferences, purchasing and consumption behaviours. If you want to be a successful marketer, in this new age, you have to learn, understand and apply the methods that take these changes into consideration.


In the past, it took very little to gain a customer’s confidence in you and to secure a sale. However, the changes mentioned above have resulted in what most companies offer becoming a commodity. In other words, due to globalization, technology and the internet, it has become progressively easier for your competition to have the same service or product features and benefits as you. This has not only resulted in competing businesses having the same offer, but it has also forced them to differentiate themselves in the way they market, sell and deliver on the promise made to their customers. It is this factor that has primarily led to the birth of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Inbound Marketing[1] as we know it today.



HubSpot[ii], the company that brought us Inbound Marketing, has published some interesting statistics on how these changes have impacted businesses both positively and negatively:

– 94% of consumers have discontinued communications with a company because of irrelevant promotions or messages.

– 74% of people are likely to switch brands if they find the purchasing process too difficult.

– 51% of customers will never again do business with a company after one negative experience.

– 93% of customers are more likely to be repeat customers at companies which offer remarkable service.


These statistics mean that you can no longer disrupt your customers’ attention without their permission or without being relevant to them. Instead, you need to invest in engaging them in the most appropriate, relevant and meaningful way – or risk losing them forever.

Marketing in the 21st Century and the 4th Industrial Revolution


Customer relationships lie at the heart of your business. The aim of this eBook is to help you to learn, understand and apply the three guiding principles of customer relationships:


– Attraction

– Conversion

– Retention


Customers’ buying decisions are as emotional as they are rational – and much of this emotion resides in the human relationships that characterize the interaction. Your company must, therefore, do two things to respond effectively to your customers’ emotional needs.

  • – Guarantee a positive and respectful human interaction at every point of the interaction – even and perhaps, especially, in times of conflict.
  • – Deliver a differentiated and treasured value proposition that connects with the customers’ most valued emotional and technical needs. This delivery should be the result of an intentional, consistently-executed company process.
  • Most of the emotional connection between you and customers resides in your value proposition. You need to review this part of your business frequently and critically. For, if you do not attract and connect with prospective customers, you will not be able to convince enough of them to buy from you, nor will existing customers feel compelled to buy again.


To enjoy the many bottom-line benefits of thriving customer relationships, you must first grow and retain a set of valuable customers. If you do not nurture these relationships, before and after a purchase, you could easily lose up to 90% of them.


Given that 81% of sales happen after seven or more contacts with prospective customers, the implications of the above are enormous. Simply put, nurturing existing relationships increases the number of quality contacts between you and the client, thereby increasing the likelihood of ongoing sales.


My advice is twofold:

– Do an outstanding job in delivering the product or service; and

– Use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to nurture your relationships, and to maximize your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).[1]


In this eBook, we are going to cover:

– The “Know, Like & Trust” Factor;

– Inbound marketing strategies;

– Tactics to overcome marketing and sales challenges;

 – Marketing Automation and CRM best practices;

– Campaigns to nurture sales leads and to improve sales closing ratios; and

– How to delight clients, improve upsells and increase Customer Lifetime Value.


Zig Ziglar, the American author, salesman, and motivational speaker, said, “if people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you”. This is truer now than it has ever been.


What Ziglar meant, and what I take away from this quote, is that we now live and do business in a world that trades in the currency of trust. Without trust, fewer and fewer customers will buy from you. It is, therefore, imperative that your company
begins to apply principles and best practices that will help you to keep and gain this trust from your existing customers and your prospects respectively

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KK Diaz - Founder of A-Game Business

KK Diaz founded A-Game Business in 2015. He is a business and brand strategist, digital marketer, speaker and author of 7 full-length books and numerous ebooks.


He equips startups, small business owners, executives and their teams to execute high-growth business and marketing strategies, to innovate, get more customers, create delightful customer experiences and an entrepreneurship culture of positive, passionate businesspeople who can adapt and thrive in times of rapid change and challenge.


Amongst his expertise he’s also the youngest certified facilitator of The Dealmaker Company Programs and acting CEO. There he teaches businesspeople about the principles of advance selling, deal making and negotiation as tools for increasing profitability in their business deals.


KK Diaz is an entrepreneur at heart and an investor in companies such as Maity Mailer and Sales Closer.


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