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Join business and brand strategist, digital marketer and author, KK Diaz, as he interviews his A-Game Guests and pulls back the curtain on topics relating to business strategy, marketing, leadership, digital transformation and more.

Season 3

Interviews from Africa's Green Economy Summit (AGES) 2024 in Cape Town


AfTrak is a groundbreaking initiative that combines solar microgrids and tailored tractors to empower smallholder farmers across Africa. It aims to significantly increase crop yields and smallholder incomes while providing access to clean, green electricity in rural communities.


In this episode I speak to Dr Jonathan Wilson, Aftrak Project Lead, where he shares their journey of developing their sustainable green energy innovation, the impact its having on local communities and their plans to expand. What impresses me most about AfTrack is the holistic nature of the solution and their new agricultural technique, Deep Bed Farming.


Tune into the episode to hear more from Dr Jonathan Wilson.


Click this link to learn more about AfTrack: https://www.lboro.ac.uk/research/aftrak


Dr Patrick Agese is CEO of PAM Africa in Nigeria and innovator of the So Cool Energy Project. World-renowned scientist in Energy Transition PhD in Energy Engineering at the University of Reading, UK IChemE Global Award and BBB Award Laurette Member of the Institute of Energy and Technology. 


PAM Africa aims to improve people lives by providing quality energy access. We work with specialized expertise, and cutting-edge technology aimed at enhancing energy accessibility and fostering the development of Africa’s future. 


In this episode he tells us how they developed and launched the So Cool alternative energy source that’s liberated so many households and small businesses in and around Lagos, Nigeria and their plans to scale. 


Click here to visit the So Cool Energy website: https://socoolenergy.com/


Zoë Slattery is an Engineering Project Manager at the Smart Villages Research Group (SVRG). SVRG focuses on using energy as a catalyst for development impact across sustainable development goals.


Their surveys found that after only one year a community with a Smart Agri-Centre almost quadrupled its profits.


In this episode we learn more about the role she plays in this innovative organization and how their Smart Green Centres are helping communities and growers to power up their lives and to boost their business’ viability with sustainable green energy.


For potential funders and partners looking to get in touch with the Smart Villages Research Group, click here: https://e4sv.org/



Randy Kabuya, Deney van Rooyen and Sifiso Mvulane are the co-founders of Omnivat. They are one of the finalists of the Milken-Motsepe Prize in Green Energy Competition. Omnivat focuses on affordable, sustainable, clean energy, clean water, rural livelihoods and economic development, localised modular solutions using community-centered approaches.


Their innovation is a community-centered solution relying on solar PV and green hydrogen technology, providing clean energy, clean water, cold storage, and Wi-Fi to even the remotest locations.

Tune into this episode to learn more about how they are changing the world. Click here to visit the Omnivat website: https://www.omnivat.tech/




Dr Emily Musil Church is a Senior Director at the Milken Institute, dedicated to harnessing technology and innovation to address global challenges for social good. She leads the Environment & Social Equity portfolio at MI Philanthropy and also oversees innovation competitions for the Milken Institute. 


In this episode I interview her at AGES 2024 in Cape Town where she tells us more about their partnership with The Motsepe Foundation on the Milken-Motsepe Green Energy Prize through which they support innovative green energy projects and startups.


The finalists for this year they brought to AGES 2024 include the following entrepreneurs you can learn more about in the following 4 episodes:

  • – Randy Kabuya of Omnivat.
  • – Zoë Slattery of Smart Villages Research Group.
  • – Dr Patrick Agese, Co-Founder and Innovator at PAM Africa.
  • – Dr Jonathan Wilson, Project Lead at AfTrak.


Listen to this episode to learn more about The Milken-Motsepe Green Energy Prize Competition and how you too can possibly benefit from their initiative.


Click this link to learn more about The Milken Institute: https://milkeninstitute.org/

I recently attended the African Green Economy Summit in Cape Town and met a few high-profile stakeholders and game-changing entrepreneurs.


African Green Economy Summit connects entrepreneurial start-ups with scale infrastructure projects with a network of global investors who fund opportunities that will accelerate Africa’s journey to a just and inclusive Green Economy.


In this part 1 episode of the summit, I interview:

– Errol Bryce Group Commercial Director of The VUKA Group

– Western Cape Premier Alan Winde

– Tshepo Kgobe, CEO of the Gautrain Management Agency

– Carl Roothman, CEO of Sanlam Investments Group





In this episode of the A-Game Business Podcast, we explore the transformative journey of David Moh, a dynamic Hip Hop artist who evolved from the enigmatic persona of King Stabber to his authentic self.


Join us as we uncover David Moh’s remarkable journey, from his roots as King Stabber to his current pursuit of authenticity in music. Also learn about the challenges David faced in rebranding and embracing authenticity, and how he navigated the process with resilience.


Learn more and follow David Moh on the links below:

Website: https://www.davidmoh.co.za/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DavidMohaleMusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davidmohmusic/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@DavidMohMusic

X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/King_Stabber


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