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The A-Game Marketing and Sales Manual follows on from where business strategist, digital marketer, author and speaker, KK Diaz, left off with his A-Game Business Blueprint book.

The A-Game Marketing and Sales Manual helps businesspeople (specifically marketing and other executives) gain a holistic view of Marketing and Sales as a business processes that can and should be clearly defined, and therefore easily repeatable, within the business.

The book emphasises the process side of Marketing and Sales. It addresses the more popularly discussed aspects of Marketing and Sales (including CRM, automation, achieving publicity and sales techniques). The emphasis is firmly on how to understand and establish the necessary processes to ensure the business can grow long-term trust relationships with clients, customers, consumers and other stakeholders.

Key components include:
– The importance of the business model foundation,
– Dealing with a brand message,
– CRM and the role of automation in managing customer relationships,
– Content marketing,
– Email marketing,
– The relationship between sales and CRM,
– The role of automation in sales processes,
– Understanding (and using) publicity, advertising and Public Relations,
– Developing a communications strategy – and knowing what to do with it.

Target audience
The book speaks to experienced business professionals first and foremost, and takes a tone that assumes the reader is familiar with key marketing and sales concepts. It is not academic, however, and remains accessible to emerging businesspeople, entrepreneurs, students and others beginning to engage with theoretical business content.

What makes it different?
The books avoids pulling readers into a million different and (often competing) tactical options. Rather, it focuses on a broad mix of strategic thinking and tactical execution that applies to all businesses, regardless of the technologies and tools currently in fashion in the market.


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