Tying It All Together

As I have mentioned, digital marketing is an avenue that provides you with numerous channels, tools and tactics through which you can find, market to, communicate, interact with, and sell to a specific audience of people.


The trick is to strategically use the tools that I have covered in this book to;

·        create an appealing brand and corporate identity for your business,

·        develop and host a website that will serve as your digital home,

·        use social media, SEO and SEM to attract and draw people to your website, and

·        use your CRM system and email marketing to nurture authentic relationships with your leads and convert them into lifelong customers.

This is why you need a connected digital marketing strategy; one that is SMART, flexible, uses great content and the tools we have discussed to effectively help you to attract and convert your targeted prospects into repeat buying customers and raving fans.



As mentioned in the beginning of this book, the hexagon graphic below is a basic visualisation of how these main digital marketing pieces fit together and how you can use them to achieve your digital marketing success.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy

To ensure that all your digital marketing efforts ultimately produce revenue and business growth, you have to implement the centrepiece in the hexagon above. It entails ensuring that your entire company, including marketing, sales, customer fulfilment, customer experience, finance, and every other department, works together to attract, engage with and delight the customer as a way to grow a business that provides value and builds trust. 

“Effective social media presence isn’t just about being present; it’s about the deliberate orchestration of content, strategically crafted to captivate, engage, and leave a lasting impression on every scroll.” – KK Diaz

In Conclusion


The internet has significantly changed how we live, interact, shop and do business. As a result,
marketing has needed to equally adapt dramatically over the last decade. Digital marketing is a marketer’s and entrepreneur’s dream come true.  It provides us with unlimited access to low–cost marketing tools that we can use to reach our largest audiences around the world,
in the most cost–effective way, ever!



Unfortunately, because your competitors have access to the same tools, you have to be far more strategic than tactical. Part of being strategic is to keep things simple and to work with people who are experienced and can help you to get things done,
quickly, cost–effectively and in the right way, the first–time around.



In this post COVID–19 digital age, even the most experienced marketers and entrepreneurs need help to implement the most appropriate marketing techniques and modern technology for digital marketing success.



My team and I hope that this guide has given you the right foundation, and a better understanding of the basic skills you need to succeed.



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To your success!




KK Diaz 

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