Many have said ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. This means without the right culture and values, a company may never realize even the best strategy.

Values are apparent whether written down or not, for they front all the business practices. The articulation of your core values is important when laying bare principles and work ethics that the company cherishes the most. These outline how you do business and how you relate to staff, customers, suppliers and the public at large. These Core Values are the foundation of your Company Culture.

The mistake most businesspeople make is to confuse Aspirational Values with practical and actionable Core Values that guide how the people in the business need to conduct themselves. The priority should not be on how awesome and nice the values sound – ala Enron’s Values.

Watch the video below for outstanding examples of actionable core values that not only support a company’s culture but are also practical in how they guide the behaviour of the people within the business on a daily and towards strategy execution.


Name one of your Core Values that are central to your company culture in the comment section below.

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KK Diaz