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A-Game Business Blueprint: How Ordinary People Can Build Extraordinary Businesses


The A-Game Business Blueprint is intended to be your go-to, practical, user-friendly business book. It provides a structured set of self-reinforcing steps that assists you in successfully improving your small-to-medium-sized enterprise (SME) performance. Unlike many other business-orientated guides, it is specifically tailored to the current South African economic environment. In South Africa, many SMEs are subsistence-based, scarcely meeting the income needs of their owners, providing few jobs to others, and thus contributing little to economic growth. A-Game Business Blueprint addresses the difficulties faced by both experienced and start-up entrepreneurs and provides down-to-earth solutions that ensure SME success.


A-Game Business: Why you should aim for the stars


The ultimate aim of any business is to reach A-Game status. This is defined as a situation in which your company is sustainable without your direct presence. Whether you intend to continue, expand or sell your company, the goal remains the same. However, the majority of small businesses are still, largely, owner-run. The A-Game Business Blueprint provides a structured, step-by-step guide to breaking this owner-run mold. It will help you grow your start-up business to the point at which it is independent and flourishing. Thus:


“My view is simple. An A-Game, or legacy, business is defined by the ability of the founder to exit the operation. If there is never an opportunity to leave the business standing on its own, in good health, the operation has never truly reached A-Game status.”


As an example, digital agencies in South Africa are a fast-growing portion of our private sector. Many have the sole objectives of building a solid client base, a set of rock-solid financials and a renowned reputation in order to sell to larger, international digital agencies. One such example of an international agency is WPP, who have already acquired some of South Africa’s largest digital companies, including Grey, Ogilvy and Y&R. Each of these agencies remain run and managed by a South African board with the global holding company, WPP, having voting rights and a direct influence on the way in which these enterprises are run. All of these smaller agencies are prime examples of A-Game businesses.


The tumultuous South African business landscape and your road map to navigating it


Given South Africa’s dire unemployment statistics, development and growth of successful SMEs are crucial in ensuring sustainable job creation. With a limited social welfare system, the onus is often placed on us (as individuals) to become self-sufficient. Unfortunately, without the proper support structures, experience and information, many small businesses either close prematurely or do not grow beyond owner-manager status. This book aims to provide an easy-to-read and accessible blueprint for those of you who want to expand, change or begin your own business.



From garage geniuses to successful SMEs: This book is for you


Whatever your role in your company may be the A-Game Business Blueprint can add insight and structure to your business. Thus, although my book is primarily aimed at established business owners, it is, in addition, valuable to the first time, start-up entrepreneur. It is also an important read for small business advisors.


The book ensures that your business is grounded in strongly conceptualised personal values and goals so that it is an extension of your passions and interests. This ensures success in the market as well as customer – and personal – satisfaction. As the title suggests, my book provides an action plan for achieving this desirable state of affairs – regardless of the specific nature of your business.


The blueprint is drawn: Now to decode it


While this article has discussed the overall goals of my book, future articles will delve more deeply into decoding the blueprint of building an A-Game business.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well”

-Alexandr Glek

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