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Your business is either growing or dying. And many businesses are having an especially difficult time maintaining healthy growth rates these days. If your business is facing disruption, is stagnant or growing too slow for its potential, then you need a revised strategy to kick it into a high-growth gear.


Business Plan vs Business Strategy

Often, the phrases “business plan” and “business strategy” are used interchangeably, as if they are essentially the same thing. In reality, they are very different and every business leader, manager and entrepreneur must know this difference.

The Business Plan: The idea behind a business plan is to create a document that communicates where your business is at and what it needs to progress. It essentially communicates this to people who aren’t part of the business, like banks and potential investors. Business plans always seem to be changing and evolving due to each audience it is presented to being a little different from the next.

The Business Strategy is very different to a business plan. A business strategy clarifies your company’s vision, the steps required to achieve it, and it specifically guides the people inside the business with a clear and commonly understood plan of action designed to achieve the company’s overall end goal and strategic vision. Your business strategy must inform everyone in your company about what must be done, how and when, in order to ensure everyone is on the same page.

It should also clearly articulate the key results and projects that will support the execution of the strategy. For this, many companies use the balanced scorecard framework to guide on the measures the company will use to monitor the progress towards achieving its vision. 

Achieve Your Vision

Whether you are launching a new product, division, business unit or working on a plan to grow and scale your business, you need a strategy that is;

  • Clear, precise and easy to communicate,

  • Practical to execute,

  • Determines your day-to-day activities,

  • Contains efficient supporting processes and systems,

  • Includes tools to measure progress,

  • Guides strategic adjustments where necessary, and

  • Specifically advises how you will achieve your medium to long-term vision.

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