Marketing And Sales As Business Processes

In the previous article we spoke about the importance of becoming a trusted brand. In this article we’ll cover how you can begin the process; which entails implementing a process. Below is a schematic diagram of how the various elements of Marketing and Sales fit...
Making sense of Marketing and Sales

Making sense of Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are different – but they work together.

It is crucial to achieve a structure in which the different elements of your business are given the same weight, care and attention.

Now, this sounds straightforward. But business success, strangely, often gets in the way of achieving this structure.

Most people enjoy doing the things that they do well. We’re not that keen, however, on the things that we struggle with, or that have forced us to deal with failure. So, as we go about our business tasks, we all have a strong tendency to follow the things that are working, and that we are enjoying, while quietly forgetting about the other stuff. This is why there are so many businesses with great adverts, but terrible sales processes!