The following organizations announced possible retrenchments in the first 2 weeks of 2020:

  • –    Dion-Wired – possible 1 four hundred jobs
    –    Telkom – possible three 000 jobs,
    –    Sibanye-Stillwater – possible 1 142

“Many listed organizations are set to reduce jobs, some predict as many as 10 000 in the first quarter, not to mention different organizations that haven’t publicly announced their projected cuts”- Kizito Okechukwu, Executive Head at 22 On Sloane and, with our country’s GDP development charge of under 1%, how do you see your firm making it by way of 2020, let alone the subsequent 3–5 years?

There is a main shift in the financial system and enterprise landscape that will quickly impact you and your enterprise directly, if not already.


It is equally clear that only these who are doing things better than ‘just right’ will really succeed in 2020 and beyond. And these that are not, will regrettably perish what we found to be common amongst businesses that succeed versus these that fail, is that these succeed have strategy that priorities the following tactics:

Tactic #1: Establish Product-Market Fit

The function of a enterprise is to find, sell to, and to retain prospects. The approach prospects find, buy, and use items and prone has evolved significantly over the last decade. The culture of immediate gratification, on-demand delivery, the subscription economy, product and service personalisation, and stiff worldwide competition, forces large and particularly SME’s, to provide compelling value for prospects to warrant revenues.


To provide compelling value and have a chance in the marketplace, they have to achieve what we name Product-Market Fit Marc. Andreessen, the American entrepreneur and investor, outlined the time period as ‘being in a good market with a product that can fulfill that market’. However, the definition I desire is this: A firm has Product-Market Fit (PMF) when it provides a unique product or service that a nice market desperately wishes and is keen to pay for it. When you don’t have PMF it regrettably means you don’t have a viable product or enterprise. Meaning, you could be disrupted at any time by organizations that have that product market fit.

The market ideas in your favour – word of mouth grows rapidly because pleased prospects will tell their friends and loved ones about you – You become a MUST HAVE in your market.


Tactic. #2: Innovate a scalable enterprise model

“A enterprise model is like a blueprint that defines how a firm offers its items and prone (value proposition) in a approach that is easy to buy, makes the prospects pleased and retains them coming again for more”. In essence, a enterprise model shows the logic of how a firm intends to make money.

Unfortunately, most businesses only have a product or service however not a scalable enterprise model by way of which they can provide that product or service in a approach that is profitable, scalable and sustainable in the lengthy run.


Simple examples of distinctions in enterprise versions include:  A conventional 1-man nook street chesa nyama that sells meals to hungry individuals vs the Chesa Nyama franchise that sells an earnings and wealth generating value proposition to entrepreneurs who desire to own a self-managing enterprise –  same product however very completely different enterprise versions. One enterprise model makes tens of hundreds of thousands of rand per annum, the other, millions in the identical period. A typical mom and pops florist vs Netflorist. One is a conventional small retail shop, whereas the other, Netflorist, is a massively scalable enterprise that makes use of equally scalable ecommerce infrastructure at its core to provide flowers, gifting and different items by way of. Again, identical product however very completely different value proposition and enterprise models.


Tactic. #3: Build an automated marketing and revenues machine

A majority of businesses miss their income targets. This is primarily because marketing and revenues has modified over the previous decade. Yet businesses still use outdated ways of marketing and selling. Here are some stats that speak to how revenues has modified and for that reason the challenges you face when it comes to generating leads and finally closing revenues opportunities:

=   B2B clients are 65-90% of the approach by way of the buy choice process before they contact a supplier,    

=   It takes an typical of 8 touches to get an preliminary assembly (or different conversion) with a new 

     prospect (Rain Group). Almost 80% of new leads by no means become revenues,(MarketingSherpa).

 =  Therefore, you need to catch leads before they make a procuring choice and you need to nurture them for          some time before that choice is made.


You can achieve this by way of the helpful use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation structures. These will support you generate a greater number of leads, however also to nurture and shut these leads over time. Resulting in higher revenues generated for extra development strategies and additional perception on how to ideal go about implementing them, register for our upcoming webinar titled ‘The 5 Tactics For A 10X Growth Strategy’ by. clicking  here 


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