Customer relationships are at the heart of your business. Are you content with the quality of relationships you have with your customers and clients?


There are two vital things to keep in mind when considering establishing great customer relations.

1. It costs 5 to 25 times more to get a new customer than it does to get an existing customer to spend money with you. It really is worth making a good first impression – and then maintaining that impression throughout.


2. Never forget that the buying choices customers make are as emotional as they are rational. Most of this emotion resides in the connection forged during interactions.


Thus, selling effectively requires a genuine connection with your customer. To successfully connect with your customer, make use of the secret weapon behind customer relations…

The WOW Factor


The WOW factor is all about having unexpected, thoughtful and customer-centric interactions with your prospects and existing customers.


Below are 5 suggested steps that can help you implement that ‘WOW’ Factor in your business.  


Step 1: Ensure that your customer interactions are genuine. People can easily spot faked effort. Pretense will hurt your business and brand in the long run.


Step 2: Be deliberate in your use of the WOW factor. Leaving a customer amazed by fantastic service does not happen accidentally.


Step 3: Realize that you will need to incur some costs. However, with a sound understanding of cost and value, you need not spend much to make a lasting impression.


An example that comes to mind is, some years ago I went to Mount Sheba for a few days holiday. Anyone who’s been there will tell you that the drive up to the mountain top is very much gravel and dusty, and so the car was very dirty when I arrived.


I checked in like normal, and parked the car. And the following day when I got up, I was pleasantly surprised to find the car was washed, clean, with no trace of dust. WOW! I thought to myself.


That cost nothing but a bucket of water and a few minutes effort to wash the car. But the value Mount Sheba continues to derive from this, is not only a delighted customer that will keep doing business with them. But they also receive lots of positive publicity and mentions to hundreds of people, just like I’m doing now even 5 years after the fact.


Step 4: Surprise the customer at unexpected times and in unexpected spaces. Examples here are:

  • –  Promise 7 days delivery but do it in 4 days or less
  • –  An unexpected discount voucher for the customer’s next purchase


Step 5: Make use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation solutions. This will ensure your process is consistent in making a great first impression, creating genuine customer interactions and in delivering your WOW experience throughout the buyer journey.


Making a good first impression is not enough. You need to maintain that connection and nurture existing contacts in order to ensure ongoing sales. This is where CRM and Marketing Automation solutions come in handy. You can use it to generate leads, automate marketing and sales, as well as to systematize your 5-Star customer service.


CRM and Marketing Automation solutions are used by companies of all sizes and from across all industries. While you may be able to currently manage your customer relationships personally, without the use of a CRM and Marketing Automation solution, your business growth will be limited for sure.


In today’s highly competitive business environment, every business, and therefore even your competition, is looking at ‘how to successfully market their company and build lasting customer relationships’.


If you’d like to improve your marketing and sales, as well as to consistently delight your customers, we can help you to:


1. Generate more leads

2. Make a first great impression

3. Improve your sales closing rate

4. Increase the number of sales and the deal-value from each customer

5. Engage more customers more often

6. Reduce the cost of communicating with existing and future clients


If this is something you’d be interested in, then click here read The Inbound Blueprint for Free.


Till next time

Happy Holidays

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