The Innovation Garage Helps Businesses Catalyze Creativity And Intrapreneurship For Product-Market Fit Success

The way customers find, buy, and use products and services has evolved significantly over the past decade especially. It’s time you also evolve and innovate to meet these expectations.

The need to innovate and rejuvenate your business offerings has always been a requirement to succeed in the digital age. However, recent events have raised the stakes and the urgency to do so – The alternative is to find your business in the same history pages as the likes of Nokia, Kodak and Blockbuster.

Establish a culture of continuous innovation

Stimulate Intrapreneurship

Unlock the lean startup methodology

Innovate, Test, Launch, Become The Standard

Through the Innovation Garage, we partner with corporations to help them develop, design and launch compelling product-market-fit value propositions that exceed customer expectations. In return, your corporation differentiates itself and becomes a market must-have.

The benefits of becoming a market-must include:


The market tips in your favour through word of mouth,


Improved loyalty and trust with both your current and new customers,


You attract investment and talent on your terms,


You build authority and credibility in your industry,


Increased employee happiness and engagement,


The company thrives and so do the shareholders.

The Challenge

The answer to your company’s product and service innovation almost always lies with the people inside and outside your company. This includes your customers, suppliers and the communities you operate in.

Establishing a participative community to help you leverage innovation relies on your ability to inspire, lead and give your people the courage to create, experiment, fail, optimize and launch innovative solutions.

The huddles though, tend to be existing corporate cultures that discourage staff from being proactive and outspoken, while shaming those who fail.

This is where The Innovation Garage comes in. We will facilitate in-person and online workshops that will help you:

Re-energize your teams’ passion
Establish courage to take risks
Unleash creativity and innovation
Make the time and create the required atmosphere
Break-down silos and create synergy
Be efficient and focused towards innovation project delivery

Let’s Make Something Your Customers Will Love

What should you do next?

It is undeniable that products and business models of the past cannot guarantee future success. If your company is ready to embed continuous innovation in its DNA and to launch breakthrough products and services, then we’d love to help you transform your culture into a capable company with a digital and innovation advantage.

To start, simply complete the form to book your team for a no-obligation 1-hour online or in-person innovation and product-market fit session.