HubSpot CRM is great, but the free version is even better. In this article, I’ll show you 11 ways to use HubSpot CRM Free to improve your marketing and sales and grow your business.

HubSpot CRM is a powerful tool that can help you keep track of your customers, your marketing campaigns, and your sales pipeline.

What’s the best? There is a free version that has many of the features that businesses need to do well.

Here are a few things you can do with HubSpot’s free CRM:

1. Contact Management

The HubSpot CRM has a large contact database that lets you keep all of your customer information in one place. You can keep track of the history of your conversations with leads, make notes, and set reminders to follow up with them.

2. Lead Capture

HubSpot CRM has a number of tools, like landing pages and forms, that can help you get leads and grow your business.

3. Email Tracking

The free HubSpot CRM lets you track when someone opens or clicks a link in one of your emails. This lets you know when someone is interested in what you have to say. This information can tell you a lot about how well your email campaigns are doing.

4. Reporting

The free HubSpot CRM lets you track your progress, find places to improve, and measure the success of your campaigns with basic reporting and analytics.

5. Automation in marketing

The free HubSpot CRM has a small number of marketing automation features, such as email marketing and nurturing leads. You can set up automated email campaigns and workflows that help you get to know your customers better.

6. Mobile App

The free HubSpot CRM comes with a mobile app that lets you access information about your customers and do important tasks while you’re on the go. You can easily keep track of your customer relationships whether you’re at a trade show, meeting with a client, or just working from home.

7. Task Management

The free HubSpot CRM has a tool for managing tasks that lets you make and assign tasks, set due dates, and keep track of your progress. This makes it easy to keep track of your sales pipeline and make sure nothing gets lost.

8. Chat live

Live chat is a free feature of HubSpot CRM that lets you talk to website visitors in real time. You can answer questions, provide support, and even convert visitors into leads.

9. Meeting Scheduling

The free HubSpot CRM comes with a tool for scheduling meetings, so you can make appointments with prospects and customers right from your calendar. This can save you time and make your sales process work better.

10. Sales Productivity Tools

The free HubSpot CRM has a number of sales productivity tools, such as email templates, call scripts, and email sequences, that can help you streamline your sales process and close more deals.

11. Integrations

The free HubSpot CRM integrates with a variety of other tools, including popular project management, accounting, and marketing automation platforms. This lets you put all of your customer data in one place and make your work more efficient.

The HubSpot CRM is a powerful and flexible tool that can help your business grow. These are just some of the things you can do with HubSpot CRM, which is free. The free HubSpot CRM is a great choice for businesses of all sizes, whether you’re just getting started with Customer Relationship Management or looking to upgrade from a basic system.

Try it out and see how it can help you make your marketing, sales, and customer service work more efficient. And if you need help, just send us an email.

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