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Effective results and flow are achieved when a team’s natural energy is balanced. Whether around your board room table, executive group or operational team; maximising results is about maximising each individual’s contribution. A company that is focused on increasing its growth opportunities should commit to consciously understanding what this means. Bring into balance the natural energy of your board, team and key functions today.

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Every business is made up of people. People are the heart and soul that create the energy, activity, flow and magic in a business. The magic that is achieved when you have a truly effective team is remarkable. The approach to creating an effective team, or the lack thereof, can determine the success or failure of a business.

Using the Contribution Compass profiling tool, we can help you understand both your area of maximum contribution to a team, company or organisation and how you can leverage the most value for yourself and for your organisation. You achieve this leverage simply by investing your time in your area of maximum contribution, through what is referred to as your ‘natural energy’.

Natural energy refers to the way that you naturally think and operate. Some people are naturally innovative and intuitively drive concepts, projects and activity forward, despite all odds. Other people wait for the right time to make a decision or take action based on their sense of the market, their team or their clients. Some people will always be focused on who is affected by a decision and who they can connect with, whereas others will naturally think of the process or the system first and how that should operate.

Unlocking Your Team’s High-Performance – We’re able to create a customised Team Assessment for your team, with strategic recommendations on how to balance the team for maximum contribution and maximum return. This is done with a ‘Balance on Averages’ which includes the following:

    • Calculating the average of the team/business unit
    • The aim is to achieve 25% for each natural energy
    • Identifying the type of profile that would bring the best balance to the team
    • Consciously select the type of profile or distribution most relevant for the new appointment
    • Recognising that certain lines of business may have some imbalances, such as sales teams.
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See below for additional info on each of the 8 Contribution Compass Profiles


A Catalyst is a person who naturally brings change through accelerating a reaction or interaction, getting raw substance to interact in a vibrant and new way. Catalysts are dynamic, stimulating, driven and inciting. They excel at getting something going with energy, and are often found starting new businesses, leading a new project or taking an existing project into its next big step.

Catalysts easily plug into the world of ideas and into a vision of the future. Naturally innovative, they bring new ideas and creative approaches into any team. They are often found in product or service development, several at a time, where they bring their new ideas to life and explore innovative concepts at a pace difficult for others to keep up with.


A Champion is a person who, like a thunderbolt or a strike of lightning, shakes up the status quo and stirs up people to pay attention to the message they herald. Using their personal credibility, Champions shine light on the cause they rally for and incite others to join them. They are vibrant and exciting, and the call they make to pay attention is hard to resist. They excel at taking a proven idea and broadcasting its value to a wide audience, garnering support and enthusiasm. Once they are confident that the idea is powerful and worth shining a light upon, they bring a magnetic quality that attracts attention.

Champions are often found in brand ambassador, sales and marketing roles, where they naturally sell a product, concept or brand through their inner conviction that it has value.


A Coach is a person who ignites the fire and passion of others to work together as a team focused on bringing a central idea to life. Coaches bring warmth, energy and inspiration, which lights up the path for others so that they may strive for personal excellence and team success. They excel at understanding people deeply and being tuned to their emotions and what their team really need in order to overcome challenges.

Coaches are often found rallying teams and developing talent, and are often involved in roles focused on leadership, networking, customer acquisition or recruitment.


A Connector is a person who brings people, ideas and resources together, and like a lake into which all rivers flow, they have a special gift that can unite the right people at the right time and place. This ability to connect is driven from a combined understanding of what people really need and the resources and opportunities available that may best serve those needs. They excel in communication and being able to talk through ideas, challenges and solutions to create a collective way forward.

Connectors are the quintessential diplomats and can often be found at the negotiating table or at networking events, where their extensive networking relationships support building bridges between people and resources.


A Custodian is a person who has the ability to nurture and support the ideas of others and bring them to life, while guarding and protecting the assets and resources under their care. Their gentle and supportive energy is grounded in their understanding of reality, resources, timing and practical considerations. They excel in their ability to get tasks done, maintain routines and honour commitments and deadlines, while ensuring that the right activity delivers tangible results.

Custodians are often found in operational and customer service environments where timing, a sense of urgency, routine activity and a service ethic are paramount.


A Cultivator is a person who guides and shapes the growth of a team, project or enterprise through a subtle influence that seeks to adjust, refine and develop. Just as a plant grows and strengthens through a flexible response to its environment, so too does a Cultivator make incremental adjustments in their environment to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. They excel in their ability to manage complex projects and deliverables, while making sure that resources are carefully managed and risk is mitigated in a timely manner.

Cultivators are often found in project management environments where the careful balance of people, time and money is a critical skill.


A Conductor is a person who, just like the conductor of an orchestra, uses their focused and efficient energy to direct the singular instruments of the orchestra into a unified and optimised collective. With the wave of a baton, the conductor keeps the whole orchestra in rhythm and in tune. So too does a Conductor excel at making sure a process or function runs optimally and efficiently. With a natural affinity for analysis and data, a Conductor is able to find meaningful insights through information and the analysis thereof. Indeed, they revel in solving problems through logic and fact.

Conductors are often found in research, quality management, production and accounting fields, where the numbers, graphs and data feed tell a story of their own.


A Calibrator is a person who ensures that the instruments used to create value are continuously refined and adjusted where necessary. These instruments could include the business model, the systems or technologies, the methodologies utilised or any kind of tool required or applied in the delivery of the promise. This kind of energy is relentless in its pursuit of continuous improvement and incremental refinement.

Calibrators excel when they can tinker with how the system works and experiment with new approaches to old problems. They are often found in engineering and information technology fields due to their knack for fine-tuning many different types of systemic structures.

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