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Reasons Why So Many Businesses Don't Achieve Their Sales Goals

Most sales teams spend two-thirds of their day on non-selling activities. It’s a frustrating reality that many sales leaders face. But here’s the thing – simply adding more headcount and using disconnected tools won’t solve this problem. It’s time to rethink your approach and embrace sales enablement.


76% of sales leaders believe their team only scratches the surface of their CRM’s capabilities.


75% of B2B buyers now prefer remote selling and digital self-service over in-person sales.


A staggering 48% of salespeople never even make a single follow-up attempt after the initial contact.

Our Complementary Sales Enablement Support Services

Even when times are tough, there are always opportunities for growth. The key is to align the opportunities to the company’s capabilities and to focus on proactive yet effective digital marketing, sales, client fulfillment and customer success activities.

With repeatable digital marketing services, your business can thrive even during the most difficult of times. We have both the complementary skills and experience to help you create a compelling digital marketing strategy to improve your brand equity and grow your business.

A-Game 8-Step Sales Process Workshop

The 8-Step Sales Process Training is a hands-on practical workshop aimed at aspiring and existing salespeople, business owners and working professionals who need training that gives them a solid sales-skills foundation so they can sell effectively using a repeatable process.


The objective of the course is to teach and empower people to confidently start prospecting, making sales calls, facilitating sales meetings and being able to MOVE their sales opportunities through the different sales pipeline stages.


The 8-Step Sales Process Workshop covers the following:

– The principles of selling effectively.
– The sales pipeline and related stages.
– One to One selling – The 8-Step Sales Process.
– Handling customer’s objections.
– Different techniques to close deals.


Workshop Duration: 1-Day (Online or In-person)

The Dealcloser

Do you and your team have the expertise to close large or complex deals quickly and profitably? By transforming your team’s proficiency as sales closers, you can improve your closing rate and generate more revenue much quicker.


Reducing time to closure and deal slippage gives organizations far greater control over their business results, particularly on their revenues and ability to increase market share.


In the current market, it is essential for companies to focus on doing everything in their power to close deals, decent deals.


Using The Dealcloser and accompanying Dealsheet Framework, we work with sales teams to help them emphases on value-driven solution sales and executive-level selling strategies that instill a delegates’ ability to control and close large deals, that important deals are significantly enhanced and deal slippage as well as uncertainty is minimized.


Workshop Duration: 2-Days (In-person Only)

The Dealmaker

The Dealmaker™ enhances the existing negotiating skills of delegates by providing the knowledge and processes needed to excel in all facets of dealmaking, particularly negotiating and concluding deals more quickly and effectively.


The programme also assists companies in adopting more innovative and strategic approaches to business deals which enable them to better protect and grow their profit margins. The programme is suitable for middle and senior levels of management tasked with negotiating and closing deals, as well as profit impacting individuals.


Ideal for:
– Executives and Directors, Sales, Business Development, Key Accounts, Procurement, and Buying professionals.


Number of delegates per programme:
12 to 16 delegates with two Facilitators, or six to eight
delegates with one Facilitator.


Workshop Duration: 2.5-Days (In-person Only)

Some of Our Clients' Testimonials


“We were blown away by the success of the sales training conducted by KK Diaz, taking brand new sales people and experienced heads through a process that really galvanized the team. I recommend the sales training that KK has taken us through to any sales team, anywhere and from any industry. We really appreciate it and have seen great results from it.”

Westleigh Wilkinson
Former Director – Workshop 17

“KK Diaz is the best example I’ve ever seen in a classroom of someone skillfully shifting people from the comfort zone of not knowing what they don’t know, through the insecurity of knowing what they don’t know, and ultimately giving them the confidence of knowing what to do and ultimately how to improve themselves. By the end of the day, the shift in in all three groups leaders’ awareness and ability to negotiate was nothing short of remarkable.”

Tebogo Mekgoe
Head of MBA – Henley Business School Africa

“KK Diaz has been actively involved as a Dealmaker Company certified facilitator for over a decade. He is one of my most trusted facilitators and business partners. We’ve worked with diverse clients on a wide range of projects together, that includes companies like SAP, Henley Business School and Cell-C. His delivery has always exceeded my highest expectations. His meticulous and considered approach means that he never disappoints any stakeholders. KK is also my personal sounding board – I trust him implicitly.”

Kim Meredith
Founder and CEO – The Dealmaker Company

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