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Successful Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner

Only 4% Of Small-to-Medium Businesses Truly Scaleup

Only 4 percent scale up

Are you struggling with the lack of growth results in your business? Do you feel like you don’t have adequate control over your marketing, operations and effectively managing your team?


Only 4% of businesses truly scaleup. Chances are yours will likely fail, unless you make the change today!


You deserve a thriving a business. If you strongly believe your business has great potential and that you have what it takes, then make 2024 the year that everything starts to change.

Our A-Game Business Scaleup Coaching Programme is your near-guarantee approach to transforming your company into a profitable, self-managing business. This comprehensive programme is designed to equip you with the disciplined mindset, high-impact coaching, strategies, technology, support and handholding needed to help you achieve sustainable growth and build self-managing business capability within three years.

The A-Game Business Scaleup Coaching Programme

The A-Game Business Scaleup Programme is a unique HIGH-IMPACT coaching programme designed primarily for existing business owners and managers who are serious about growth and longevity but need a series of easy-to-follow concepts to examine and revise existing strategies and processes for scaling their business.


Our support provides you with just that, using a compressed and intensive RAPID Growth approach.


During the programme, you will access a body of knowledge, expert guidance, and methodologies that show entrepreneurs exactly how to build, run, and grow a profitable, sustainable, scalable self-managing business.


If you want to create a differentiated company, access greater market share, fast, and to build a strong self-managing business foundation, then The A-Game Business Scaleup Coaching Programme is for you. 

Achieve Your Vision

The A-Game Entrepreneur’s Playbook

A-Game Business Blueprint Book

The A-Game Business Blueprint Methodology

A-Game Business Blueprint Model-Full Icon

The A-Game Business Blueprint is a proven methodology to outline practical and simple-to-implement steps to build a self-managing business.


A self-managing business is when a company can remain profitable and sustainable even long after the founding entrepreneurs are no longer involved in the day to day running of the business.


The A-Game Business Scaleup Coaching Programme is an opportunity to RESET your business based on the correct and aligned personal vision and business strategic footing.

Coaching Modules Covered Include:


To build a successful business, you MUST start with PERSONAL MASTERY and ALIGNMENT!

Aim (Plan)

INNOVATE your BUSINESS MODEL for scalability, profitability and High-GROWTH


Develop a new approach to MARKETING, Sales and Customer Relationship Management.


SYSTEMATISE key PROCESSES so the business can be a Self-Managing Enterprise.

At the highest level, the coaching methodology addresses the marriage of the three primary elements of entrepreneurial business:

1. The stage of the business: where the business happens to be

2. The phase of the entrepreneur’s life: where he\she is as an individual doing business (their thoughts, dreams, reality, passions and illusions)

3. The actions you are taking: the literal things you are doing, right now, in your business and your life, in order to move the business forward.


To do this, we take entrepreneurs through four clearly differentiated stages as follows:


In Phase 1: Grounding (1-Month), individuals in the business will engage in workshops to define their individual purpose and values, which will later be merged into those of the company, ensuring everyone is aligned with the core purpose, culture and mission.


A comprehensive skills audit will be conducted using various scientific tests to identify and leverage the unique talents and strengths of each team member, aligning roles accordingly.


This Grounding Phase will culminate in:

– the creation of the individual team members’ personal and business vision statements,

– a detailed 12-month execution project plan for each individual,

– a cohesive company vision,

– a solid values-based foundation for an aligned culture, and

– a leadership team development plan focusing on the necessary talent and skills required to deliver the company vision.


In Phase 2: AIM (Months 4-6), the focus will shift towards innovation and strategic implementation. The value proposition and business model will be refined through market research and collaborative workshops, ensuring they meet market demands effectively.


A comprehensive business strategy will be formulated and initiated, providing a clear roadmap for growth. Engaging in customer discovery will validate the product-market fit, aligning offerings with customer needs and preferences.


Additionally, robust financial planning and monitoring processes will be implemented, ensuring the business is financially sound and prepared for sustainable growth.


In Phase 3: Marketing (Months 7-12), the focus will be on enhancing the business’s visibility and customer engagement. A thorough brand audit will be conducted to refresh and strengthen the brand identity, ensuring it resonates with the target audience.


A comprehensive inbound marketing plan will be developed and executed across both online and offline channels, maximizing reach, impact and conversion.


A customer relationship management (CRM) system will be implemented to streamline customer interactions and improve service quality. Additionally, the sales team will undergo advanced training to refine their techniques, and the sales process will be optimized to increase conversion rates and drive revenue growth.


In Phase 4: Expansion (Months 7-18), the emphasis will be on scaling the business and solidifying its foundation for long-term success. The desired company culture will be defined and promoted, creating a positive and cohesive work environment. Leadership and team development programs will be implemented to build a strong, capable leadership team and enhance overall team performance.


Key business processes will be documented and standardized, and technology solutions will be introduced to automate and streamline operations.


Governance structures, a business continuity plan and an exit strategy for the founder\s, ensuring the business remains resilient and well-prepared for future challenges.

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Unlike other business coaching programs that offer outdated concepts and lack practical application, our Business Scaleup Coaching Program stands out for its hands-on involvement and provision of cutting-edge technology tools and support. Designed to be practical and high-impact, this program ensures that participants gain immediate results and breakthroughs.
With expert guidance, real-time implementation, and advanced technological resources, we equip entrepreneurs and business leaders with everything they need to build a self-managing, profitable business in under three years.

This programme content is proudly endorsed by The Da Vinci Institute of Business Management University


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This event is backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee should you not gain value from it.


Your 3-Steps To The Guidance You Need Towards Building A Self-Managing Business

Attend and learn how to align your personal vision with your business, marketing, sales and operations strategies


1. Join The Programme

Join the programme and start your coaching journey and training on the methodology.


2. Implement The Strategy

Define the strategies, implement processes and align with the right people and partners to support operations.

Achieve Your Vision

3. 10X Your Business

Measure performance, make the necessary adjustments and watch your business scale for growth!

Who Should Join This Coaching Programme


Meet Your Lead Coach

As Seen On:

KK Diaz - Founder of A-Game Business

About Your Lead A-Game Coach


KK Diaz founded A-Game Business in 2014. He is a business and brand strategist, digital marketer, speaker and author of 7 full-length books and numerous ebooks.


He equips business owners, executives and their teams to execute high-growth business and marketing strategies, to innovate, get more customers, create delightful customer experiences and an entrepreneurship culture of positive, passionate businesspeople who can adapt and thrive in times of rapid change and challenge.


Amongst his expertise he’s also the youngest certified facilitator of The Dealmaker Company Programs and acting CEO. There he teaches businesspeople about the principles of advance selling, deal making and negotiation as tools for increasing profitability in their business deals.


KK Diaz is also an investor in companies such as Maity Mailer, XLRTR and Sales Closer.


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$ 549

R 9 999 - Grow Package

  • Everything in Starter Package

  • 2-Hour Weekly 1-on-1 Marketing Coaching Sessions

  • Up to 3-Members Team Coaching and Training

  • Team Strengh Profiling & Team Performance Alignment

  • Additional 1-on-1 Team Member Support

  • Access To Global Network of Experts

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