The grounding to an A-Game Business


As an entrepreneur, you are the foundation of your business… but this then begs the question … who are you?


The first section of the A-Game Business Blueprint invites you to reflect upon the types of existential questions that are usually left to budding, armchair philosophers or self-help books. However, fluffy, ‘how does this make me feel?’ type reflection is to be left firmly in your therapist’s rooms. The self-reflection I encourage is neither dreamy nor abstract, but is a focused exercise in self-awareness. Spending some time thinking about yourself will help you “focus your efforts toward your natural strengths as well as maximise the potential benefits of your investment of time, energy and money”.


What is Natural Energy?


Unlike talent, which is a natural ability to do something specific, natural energy is a broader concept that may encompass talent and can be described as an individual’s “tendency in a particular direction”. Natural energy also encompasses strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has a different natural energy.


For example, consider a staff of teachers. While all the teachers on the staff share an enthusiasm for supporting children in their quest for knowledge, each will have a different directional tendency. Some teachers are better suited to teaching the higher grades a specific subject in great depth, while others are better suited to teaching younger children a broader range of subjects. Both types of teachers are needed to have a balanced and successfully school.


Natural Energies in team situations


It thus becomes important in team situations to ensure that these energies are mixed – yet balanced. It is only once you understand the natural energies of yourself and your team that you are in a position to make the best decisions for both your team and, ultimately, your business. Understanding your natural energy will help you determine the line of business for which you are best suited. Furthermore, you will be able to better judge which people you need to have on your team in order to compensate for your weaknesses and complement your strengths. Read the chapter entitled Working with Natural Energy in order to better understand the different natural energy orientation points and role types.


The next step


So far the majority of this process would have happened in your head. Stop and write it down. Writing down your thoughts clarifies your thinking. Next, get ready to translate your thoughts and rough scribbles, developed within the Awareness Stage, into a solid business model.


Developing a business model will ensure that the action you take is structured and coherent, so that your business has the best possible chance of success. The next article explores questions around the development of a strong business model.