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Are you struggling with the lack of results? Feeling like you don’t have control of your operations and are overwhelmed? We can help you make 2020 the year that everything changes.

The A-Game Business XLRTR can help you achieve the success you seek. At the core, we drive personal self-mastery, business model innovation, high-performance digital marketing and leveraging of processes and systems to ACCELERATE REVENUE GROWTH AND OPERATIONAL EFFECIENCY.

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Reset your business in 2020

Align your personal vision with your business strategy


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The A-Game Business XLRTR

Digital Transformation Support For Small to Medium Businesses!


The A-Game Business XLRTR is a unique and HIGH-IMPACT virtual business development programme. The programme is in part, our way of providing digital transformation support to small businesses so they too can THRIVE even during such challenging times.

In the shortest time possible, you will gain years of learning and principles applied by the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, both locally and abroad. The programme provides you with access to one-on-one expert guidance from experienced business coaches, a body of knowledge and methodologies that show entrepreneurs exactly how to run, build and grow a profitable, sustainable self-managing business.

The A-Game Business XLRTR will help you access greater market share, fast, and on a strong foundation. This programme is primarily for entrepreneurs and business executives who need an accountability partner and a series of easy-to-follow concepts to revise and implement winning strategies and processes for scaling their business.

This support programme is ideal for founders, entrepreneurs and owners of businesses that generate between R 5 – 25 million per annum and are determined to achieve up to 10X business growth. Should you fall outside of this range, we are still able to work with you.

The A-Game Business Blueprint Methodology

The greatest strength of the A-Game Business XLRTR is that it uses the A-Game Business Blueprint Methodology to outline practical and simple-to-implement steps to build a self-managing business. This being a business that will remain profitable and sustainable even long after the founding entrepreneurs are no longer involved in the day to day running of the business.

The A-Game Business XLRTR is an opportunity to RESET your business based on the correct and aligned personal vision and business strategic footing. The process we follow and the supporting online course modules can be seen below:

To build a successful business, you MUST start with PERSONAL MASTERY!

We’ll help you define your purpose, values, your personal vision and supporting goals – the premise on which your entrepreneurial dream is built.

INNOVATE your BUSINESS MODEL for scalability, profitability and High-GROWTH

Next we define, stress-test and execute a competitive business strategy that guides what everyone in the business must do, how and when in order to drive the business forward.

Develop a new approach to MARKETING and Customer Relationship Management

It’s time to claim a BIGGER share of the market. We now refine your brand philosophy – the foundation of long-lasting value-based customer relationships.

SYSTEMATISE key PROCESSES so the business can be a Self-Managing Enterprise

Here we systematise processes that’ll ensure your business is self-managing and does not rely on you to operate successfully – the beginning of your entrepreneurial freedom!

The Supporting Online Course Modules

Purpose and Vision
Natural Energy
Business Model Innovation
Business Strategy
Selling Skills
Marketing Automation
Branding & Online Marketing
Social Media
Finance & Bookkeeping
Business Writing
The Sales Closer
Pro Presenter & Speaker
High-Performance Teams
Business Processes
Customer Experience
Business Leadership
A-Game Business Books
Certificate Of Completion

This programme is proudly endorsed by The Da Vinci Institute of Business Management University


Hear what some entrepreneurs who’ve been through our programmes have to say.

XLRTR growth support solutions for your business!

The packages and pricing options will be adjusted to suit your growth needs. A loan can be made available to help reduce your monthly cash payment.

Your 3-Months Money-Back Guarantee!

We have developed a proven process that enables businesses like yours to accelerate revenue growth by up to 10X within 3 years, in some cases even sooner. We believe in our process so much we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. But we need you to do the same.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we respect and understand that you deserve nothing but the best. This is why we are willing to put ‘skin in the game’ in the form of a true commitment – we will commit our time, money and energy into helping you and your business succeed. We will do this by providing you a 3-months refundable money-back guarantee.

Should you not be happy after 3 months on The A-Game Business XLRTR programme, we will refund your money! PLUS – You can cancel anytime.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Other Testimonials

 See below for more testimonials from our partners and clients we’ve worked with in the past.

“We were blown away by the success of the sales training facilitated by A-Game Business, taking brand new sales people and experienced heads through a process that really galvanized the team. I recommend the sales training we attended from A-Game Business for any sales team, anywhere and from any industry. We really appreciated it and have seen great results from it.”

Westleigh Wilkinson – Former Director: Workshop 17

“KK has been actively involved with The Dealmaker Company for nearly a decade. He is one of my most trusted facilitators and business partners. We’ve worked with diverse clients on a wide range of projects together, and his delivery has always exceeded my highest expectations. His meticulous and considered approach means that he never disappoints any stakeholders. KK is also my personal sounding board – I trust him implicitly.”

Kim Meredith – Founder & CEO: The Dealmaker Company

“I had the privilege of working through a business model session facilitated by A-Game Business. Their experience and knowledge really shone through in the session. We have since hired A-Game Business Consulting to run our Enterprise & Supplier Development workshops at MacRobert Attorneys. Our beneficiaries have benefited immensely from this partnership”.

Jo-Anne Hay
CEO, Human Nature Consulting

“We attended A-Game Business workshops at The Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We were more than 30 SMEs for the Global Business Accelerator Programme. The programme felt so personalized to each one of us. A-Game Business helped us mature in more than just the Company, we became conquerors of many of our doubts and fears to excel in all we dare to undertake. We have since employed 15 people.”

Michelle Alexander
CEO, AM Technology

“Seeing my business through your eyes has encouraged me to spend time ‘ON’ the business and not ’IN’ the business. Now that I have started implementing your strategies, I am feeling more confident with the future. So, going from a point of despair, to having hope and changing the strategy within my business, has given me a more positive outlook”.

Jutta Dudley
CEO, U Travel

Are you ready to scale and build a self-managing business?