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Date: 21 September 2022

Time: 9h00 CAT (1-Hour)

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Account-Based Marketing ABM) is a growth strategy in which marketing and sales work together to create personalized buying experiences for a select set of high-value clients.

ABM is a revolutionary marketing and sales strategy that uses customer data to identify, target and engage with companies that are likely to buy your product or service. ABM can help you find high value clients, create personalized buying experiences for them, and to close more deals.

Attend this free webinar if you’d like to:

  • Cultivate synergies and collaboration between your marketing and sales teams.

  • Increase your deal size and sales velocity.

  • Save time and do more with less.

  • Increase your sales and profits.

BONUS: Attend Live And Get A Complimentary ABM eBook + Access To The Benefits Below Worth Well Over $100 000 each:

  • Free CRM, Sales, Marketing, Service, and Operations tools
  • Startup pricing – 30% off year one, 15% off ongoing.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Special Startup pricing for onboarding
  • Weekly access to a HubSpot GTM expert for consulting
  • Access to perk network valued at $80k (reserved for HubSpot for Startups program customers)
  • $500 match in credit to spend on LinkedIn ads through HubSpot for Startups*
  • $500 match in ad spend for Google Ads through HubSpot for Startups*

*Only available for net new users of Linkedin Ads within HubSpot, and for net new user of Google Ads

Wait. There’s more: 3 attendees will get a free trial of 1 month on one HubSpot Professional product of their choice worth up to $800. 

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About The Webinar Presenter

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KK Diaz is a business and brand strategist, business coach, digital marketer, author of 6 books and speaker. He equips business owners, executives and their teams with the strategies, knowledge, tools and digital technology they need to innovate, get more customers and to build profitable self-managing businesses.

He is the originator and author of The A-Game Business Blueprint – a multifaceted approach and collaborative ecosystem designed to help businesses achieve 10X Growth.

KK’s unique coaching style, series of training programmes, workshops, online courses, and books help business leaders and entrepreneurs gain a holistic view of strategy, marketing, sales and operations as a set of business processes that can and should be clearly defined, and therefore easily repeatable within the business for long-term growth and success.

As a digital transformation thought-leader, he helps businesses unlock digital transformation, remain relevant and avoid disruption.