“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

– Doug Conant

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To make change you must first uncover the truth.

What is Organizational Culture?

A COMPANY’S CULTURE IS DEFINED BY its collective assumptions, values and beliefs. These are reflected in our actions – the way that each staff member goes about their business, shows the world what that company considers to be appropriate and inappropriate behavior[1]. It stands to reason that the company’s values – and ways of thinking and acting – have a strong influence not only on employee behavior, but also on the company’s commercial performance.


A Gallup study of 8,287 employed adults, aged 18 and older, found that high-performance managers create an engaging work environment in three primary ways:

  • They are involved in employees’ work lives.

  • They help employees to set goals and prioritize their projects.

  • They hold their employees accountable for performance.

According to the study, engagement-focused managers increase productivity and success by helping employees to reach the highest levels of performance. The bottom-line returns of this are significant: Work groups with high levels of employee engagement experienced 22% higher profitability (and 21% higher productivity) compared to work groups with low levels of engagement. High-performance managers also experience 65% lower staff turnover (and 10% higher customer ratings) than work groups featuring low engagement levels.


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