Hire A Fractional CMO to Help You Build High-Performance Inhouse Digital Marketing Capability

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Take Control Of Your Digital Marketing, Inhouse.

Hire a fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) to help you implement an inbound digital marketing strategy and the technology infrastructure required to supercharge your content creation, online visibility, social media, marketing automation, SEO and sales revenue results.


The A-Game Fractional CMO Support is a subscription service that guides step-by-step towards building your inhouse high-performance digital marketing capability, even with ZERO experience.


Your inhouse marketing engine will help you get quality leads and converting them into delighted loyal paying customers. Specifically, we will help you double, triple or even 10X your lead generation and customer conversion efforts so you can focus on servicing your clients without being stressed and anxious about your lack of digital marketing competencies and expensive digital marketing agencies.

Below are the four main features of what you get with your monthly membership to help you go from confused and frustrated to your own high-performance digital marketing capability inhouse.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

Get personalized 1-on-1 guidance and coaching to define your marketing and sales goals, refine your personas, value proposition marketing message.

Digital Marketing Toolkit

Use your existing and get access to all the necessary tools and technology you need to enhance your online presence, inbound strategies and lead conversion funnels.

Technical Training & Support

Receive hands-on training, resources, and assistance to optimise existing systems, equip and maximize your marketing team’s competence and effectiveness.

Performance Reports & Dashboard

Dashboards to give you real-time performance reporting of your overall digital marketing results, including leads generated, closed deals and sales revenue. 

The Weekly Strategy Coaching Sessions Will Help You Supercharge The Following Aspects of Your Inhouse Digital Marketing Capability


Business & eCommerce Website


Email & Marketing Automation


Social Media Management


Search Engine Optimisation & Listing


Customer Reviews & Online Reputation


Advertising Analytics & Reporting

In short, your Fractional CMO will provide you the following strategic support every month:

During the 3 – 6 months engagement, the focus will be on developing your marketing and sales goals as well as refine your personas, value proposition and marketing message, ensuring it resonates with the target audience. A comprehensive marketing plan will be developed and executed across both online and offline channels, maximizing reach and impact.


Following this, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing automation system will be implemented to streamline marketing, sales and customer interactions and to improve customer service quality as part of your inbound marketing strategy.


Additionally, all supporting technology and processes will be implemented and integrated with your existing marketing technology.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Your inhouse marketing and sales team will undergo advanced training to refine their competence, techniques, project management and overall efficiency.

Your sales processes and funnels will be optimized to increase conversion rates and drive revenue growth, while ensuring the marketing and sales teams work synergistically to drive the company’s overall revenue goals.

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Get Your A-Game Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

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$ 319

R 5 999 - Starter Package

  • Dedicated Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

  • 1-Hour Weekly 1-on-1 Marketing Coaching Sessions

  • Hands-on Implementation Guidance

  • Strategy and Tactics Implementation Training & Technical Support

  • Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

$ 549

R 9 999 - Grow Package

  • Everything in Starter Package

  • 2-Hour Weekly 1-on-1 Marketing Coaching Sessions

  • Up to 3-Members Team Coaching and Training

  • Additional 1-on-1 team member support

  • Social Media Post-Boost Membership

  • Extensive Integration To Existing Tech Stack

$ 1089

R 19 999 - Scale Package

  • Everything in Grow Package

  • Also includes:

  • Senior Support Marketing Coach

  • Meetings, Training and Coaching for Up To 10-Team Members

  • Multiple Weekly Strategy and Team Member Coaching Sessions

  • Membership to Marketing and Sales Mastermind

  • Access To Exclusive Events & Global A-Game Business Coach Network

  • Guidance To Setup Internal Podcast

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