Attract More Leads, Close More Sales Opportunities And Increase Revenue With Inbound Marketing

Are you attracting enough leads and achieving your revenue targets?

When a customer makes a buying decision, the purchase is largely an emotional one. Customers need to truly Know, Trust & Like you, before they’ll DO Business with you. Otherwise they are likely to move on.


Of salespeople miss their sales targets


Of sales deals close after 7 calls or contacts


Of salespeople quit after 1 or 2 calls or contacts


See a 37% INCREASE in sales when using a CRM & Inbound Marketing Automation

The Challenge

“B2B customers are 65-90% of the way through the purchase decision process before they contact your firm” – Forrester

Establishing and maintaining great relationships with your customers neither begins nor ends with kееріng a smiley fасе оr hаvіng a soft tone whіlе communicating wіth аn irate customer. Buyers are now not only more informed, but they expect greater value for their money. Your customers, however big or small, need to fееl like they are thе most іmроrtаnt person thrоughought every interaction with your company.

The Solution

This means the amount of effort you have to put into customer experience and retention must be equal to or greater than the effort that goes into making your product or delivering your service to the customer.

Question: But how do you achieve this with everything else that’s already going on in your business?

Answer: You implement a CRM and Inbound Marketing Automation Solution


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to a combination of practices, strategies and systems that companies use to interact and engage with prospective as well as existing customers, throughout the customer lifecycle. The goal being to build and improve business relationships with customers, as well as to increase sales and to improve customer retention and loyalty.

Inbound Marketing is a business concept that encourages marketing and sales campaigns that are focused at developing and sharing educational content for customer success. These campaigns are aimed at solving for the customer by providing them with information they need, and not to interrupt them with marketing messages or advertisements of products that are irrelevant to them. In other words, Inbound Marketing initiatives concentrate at enabling your customers to become successful.

And we can all agree that, the more customers you help succeed, the more successful your business will also become.

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A Great CRM and Inbound Marketing Solution Has Automation Functionality

CRM and Inbound Marketing Automation helps businesses to effectively market on multiple channels such email, websites and social media. It also helps you automate repetitive sales and marketing tasks.

The operative word here being ‘AUTOMATION’ – In other words – Once set-up properly, all of this happens automatically, and with very little effort from you.

Other benefits of a CRM and Inbound Marketing Automation include helping you:

Better Understand Your Customers

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Delight and Keep Your Customers Happy

Other Benefits Of Marketing Automation Includes:

Automate Sales Follow-up


Close New and Repeat Business Opportunities

Fulfil customer orders as well as after sales customer service

  • Generate more leads 80% 80%
  • Increase number of qualified leads 50% 50%
  • Drive more sales 37% 37%
  • Improve up-selling and cross-selling 48% 48%

CRM and Inbound Marketing Automation is a Must-Have for Today’s Businesses That Want To Thrive.

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FREE Inbound Marketing eBook Dowload

To download the FREE Inbound Marketing Blueprint eBook, complete the form below: