Step 1

You start by determining the amount of money you would like to earn every month as a salary between now and 3 years’ time. This figure, excluding bonuses, must cover all your living expenses, entertainment, travel, investments and insurance requirements.


This will be the base of what you expect to earn from your company while it employs you. This figure should be the same as what the company must pay you even when you no longer desire working in your business.


Step 2

Determine how much revenue your business needs to generate to cover overheads and operational costs while meeting your salary and personal income objectives.


Step 3

Define and articulate your Personal Dream Target and Business Dream Target narratives in a story format.


Step 4

Convert your Personal Dream Target and Business Dream Target into specific and measurable goals you want to achieve, including supporting activities, tasks and projects.


Step 5

Schedule the projects, activities and tasks you must executed to realise your goals into your calendar. Complex projects should ideally be managed within a project management tool.


Step 6

Execute and action what has been scheduled as guided by the set timelines and within budgetary constraints. Remember to apply your catalytic mechanism to re-enforce your disciple and efforts as you execute on your supporting activities and tasks.


Step 7

Review your efforts and track your progress towards your goals along the way to maintain a positive and on-going feedback loop. Remember to have one or more accountability partners. A team of people you’re working on similar goals or projects are a great start.


A coach whose services you’re paying for and\or a mentor you respect and would not want to disappoint is even better. This will help you improve on the quality of your delivery while ensuring you stay accountable.


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